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Too Old For Motor Racing

RRP $16.49

We all have dreams of what we want to do and who we want to become. Many of us eventually decide it is too late; we have missed our chances. But is it ever really too late to try?

Don Simpson does not think so. In his memoir, Too Old for Motor Racing, he tells the story of how he became a race car driver at the age of sixty-two. Simpson is an ordinary man from a regular family; he spent his early years living on a council estate in Liverpool, UK. He attended the school at the end of his street, leaving as soon as he could. As a young man with a young family, he could not indulge in his passion for motor racing except as a spectator; racing was simply too expensive and risky for someone with a family to take care of. Later in life, however, Simpson discovered limits are almost always imagined, not real. At the age of sixty-two, he began to race.

Although your passion may be for something other than motor racing, this memoir seeks to inspire you to go after your dreams, because it is never too late to try.

The Historic Motor Racing Lover's Colouring Book

RRP $13.99

Feel the thrill of classic motor racing with this unique collection of vintage vehicles in action at prestigious Croft Circuit, Darlington. Images feature the Historic Sports Car Club at their exciting best at this year's Nostalgic Festival. Add your personal touch to these magnificent shots of the festival's most inspiring action. Showcase your talents and make these one off images come to life forever!

Auto Racing Humor

RRP $12.99

A humorous collection of original auto racing cartoons. This book (6" x 9") contains 34 pages of black & white cartoons. Cartoonist, Robert Tiritilli, plays with every shade of sports humor.

The Card

RRP $18.99

The novel charts the rise and rise of Edward Henry (Denry) Machin from the day he cheated to get into the local grammar school until he becomes the youngest mayor of his town in the Potteries. On the way he becomes involved in several amusing and audacious schemes which earns him the title of "The Card", a "character" who amuses those who witness his actions.

Embracing An Adult Faith

RRP $34.99

Author and Bible scholar Marcus Borg invites us to join him in revisiting Christianity's most fundamental questions: Who is God? What does salvation mean? What place does Jesus hold in contemporary Christian faith? In this five-session, faith-formation resource, participants enjoy the rare privilege of witnessing Marcus in dialogue with a small, diverse group of adults as they honestly — and sometimes painfully — confront the big questions and work together toward authentic answers. Each session includes a 10-minute presentation by Marcus Borg followed by interaction with the group. The program print resources are designed to help your small group "join the dialogue" in your own setting.

The study addresses fundamental questions that adults struggle with as faith matures. It can be used as a resource for personal reflection as well as small group experience.

The five sessions include:
• God
• Jesus
• Salvation
• Community
• Practice

• Participant Workbook — contains all the material needed for use by class participants as well as notes for the class leader to facilitate each session; leadership can be shared among members of the group.

About the Book:
An adult formation resource for those who seek a richer understanding of their faith and why they believe what they believe. Encouraging theological reflection personally and within a small group, Marcus Borg stimulates thoughtful and heartfelt conversation among his listeners. Following a 10-minute DVD of his initial teaching and listening to a small group interact together with him, your group will delve more deeply into the theme, becoming an extension of Borg's small group. Participants become teachers for one another, following a model of adult learning that is personal, respectful and engaged.

Sessions are flexibly designed for 1-2 hours in length, expandable to more than 1 session per topic if desired. Four to seven options are offered for further exploration, making this an excellent resource for ongoing study, for groups preparing to reaffirm their faith and for those asking how faith relates to contemporary world issues.

Through DVD-based video excerpts and a thoughtful participant handbook, group members explore questions of concern to 21st century Christians on key faith issues: God, Jesus, Salvation, Practice and Community.

The Participant's Workbook contains all study materials needed by both the learners and the leader. One book is needed for each participant and leader. Also required for this study is the Embracing an Adult Faith DVD, (978-1-60674-058-3) containing all video content need to conduct this study, available separately.


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