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Add To Cart Tuneup

RRP $12.99

Your ecommerce website probably is a gold vein waiting to be mined, but in order to get those "nuggets" out, you need a good map.

Add to Cart Tuneup will be your guide for this expedition.

Don't buy into the idea that having millions of people visit your web store will make your cash register ring non-stop. If your site is not optimized to sell those prospects, all you have is website visitors. You need to convert them to customers, if you want to make money.

In this book, self-made web entrepreneur Luis Hernandez, Jr., shares valuable lessons he learned over 15 years of trial and error.

Back in "good ol' days," (ci. 1994), before most people had even heard about the Internet or the World Wide Web, Luis was busy at work trying to figure out how to build and launch a website, and by 1997 he opened the cyber doors to his online bookstore.

What started in the 3rd bedroom of his Central Florida home, was destined to grow and expand at a fast pace, and by the time Luis sold his online bookstore in early 2013, the business had grown considerably and relocated twice, with the last move in 2005 to a custom-built air-conditioned warehouse employing five people and having served more than 600,000 customers by the end of 2012.

Quite an accomplishment considering that Luis' webstore competitors included retail and book-selling giants such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, to name only two of the largest ones.

As Luis likes to say, "You can't help it but learn a thing or two about ecommerce in 15 years." But that "thing or two" actually translated into sixty valuable lessons and tips on how to optimize a retail web store in order to maximize sales.

What took Luis a decade-and-a-half to test, tweak, test again, prove, and learn, has been condensed into this book.

No fluff. No bells and whistles. This is a distilled, nuts-and-bolts, hands-on, no-nonsense guide to an "overnight" success formula, 15 years in the making.

If by implementing just one idea from this book, your web store captures a single additional sale every other day, your return on investment will be nothing short of incredible.

What would happen then if you were able to implement 5 ideas from this book?

Luis discovered early on in his career that it was much easier to spend time and effort learning what it took to motivate existing website visitors to make a purchase, rather than chasing traffic. So while other merchants wasted time and resources trying to generate more visitors, Luis made money!

At the end of the day it is not about being able to brag about how many people visited your store. It's about generating revenues and profits.

Use Add to Cart Tuneup to turn website visitors into paying customers.

Carb Counter

RRP $9.99

This companion to the Gem Calorie Counter is a handy portable guide to carbohydates in everyday foods. Clearly laid-out tables give details of net carbohydrates per portion (slice, biscuit, apple) making it quick and simple to use. Reducing carbohydrates and following a high protein diet has become a popular and effective way of losing weight and keeping those extra pounds off.

The key to following such a diet is to control your carbohydrate intake. In addition to the net carb contents of everyday foods this guide gives calories, protein, and fat. Information is given per portion rather than 100g, meaning that there is less working out involved. Boredom is often the downfall of the carb counter, so a section is included which gives suggestions for different meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Carrot A Day, A

RRP $22.99

Great managers praise effort and reward results. It's true, and nobody knows it better than the best-selling authors of Managing with Carrots and The 24-Carrot Manager, Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton. Now from these award-winning authors comes a one-a-day manager's handbook on motivating employees through praise and recognition. A Carrot A Day can keep you away from recognition pitfalls and help you develop employees who are more focused, more committed, and more engaged in your noble cause. Read just one a day and you will become a better leaders - a manager who is able to tap the power of recognition to build a stronger workplace where employees focus on company goals, spot new opportunities faster, and have longer employment life spans (translation: lower turnover). Adrian Gostick is co-author of the bestselling The Integrity Advantage. An award-winning business author, Adrian also co-wrote the critically acclaimed business book The 24-Carrot Manager, called a "must read for modern-day managers" by Larry King. He has written for USA Today Magazine, Investor's Business Daily and other national publications, and has been featured on CNBC, MSNBC and NPR. Adrian is director of corporate communication with the O.C. Tanner Company. Adrian has a master's degree in strategic communication and leadership from Seton Hall, and is a guest lecturer on ethics at that university. Chester Elton is co-author of the best-selling books Managing with Carrots and The 24-Carrot Manager. As a motivation expert, Chester has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal and has been a guest on CNN, Bloomberg Television and on National Public Radio. A sought-after speaker and recognition consultant, Chester is VP of performance recognition with the O.C. Tanner Recognition Company. He has been a featured speaker at the HR Southwest, Incentive Magazine Forums, New York City Premium and Incentive Show, and Chicago Motivation Show. For more information, please visit the www.carrot books.com.

Fast Cash

RRP $12.99

You are surprised to discover that you have a massive collection of unused private label content stored haphazardly throughout your computer's hard drive. When you purchased it you were sure you'd earn your investment back quickly, because the PLR was advertised in such a way that it seemed like a great idea to use on your websites, in products and for creating content for your online marketing campaigns. After all, private label content not only saves time, but because you don't need to hire-out someone to create custom content, you get to save a lot of money! Get all the info you need here.

Implantable Cardioverter-defibrillator

RRP $408.99

ICD therapy has become the standard form of treatment for ventricular tachyarrhythmias. With clinical data showing its efficacy in both secondary and primary prevention of premature sudden death, its use is likely to increase dramatically in the next decade. Technological advancement has been instrumental in simplifying ICD implantation. However, technical additions to the device have also made its scope of functions more complex. In addition to providing rapid and effective therapy for ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation, the ICD is now capable of providing a full spectrum dual-chamber pacing as well as therapies for atrial fibrillation. Soon, it will also be able to provide treatment for congestive heart failure using multi-site ventricular pacing and provide continuous hemodynamic monitoring. This book serves as an introductory text to those who are relatively new to this technology. In its manual form, it outlines the pertinent components of ICD functions and the basic differences among the various models. It provides practical points in ICD implantation, and in its programming and trouble-shooting.


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